Israel and Church Travel

We are passionate about God’s people and the Holy Land.

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From Johanna Green, the President and Owner of Mayfair Travel:

Thank you so much for visiting, I am honored. Traveling as a church can be a wonderful experience, but it does have special considerations. As a pastor’s wife and a travel expert, I understand the complexities and demands of dealing with a church family. We are believers serving believers, this is not just work for us. With more than 40 years of experience as a company, we will walk you through every step of the process.

And there are so many more options available now from marriage seminars at sea to Greek & Mediterranean cruises, Reformation Tours, Believing England, Scotland, Wales, & Ireland tours, Footsteps of the Apostles tours, and more.

Christian Schools & Colleges

Services include but are not limited to:
  • Student tours of Israel, Jordan, and other Bible Lands
  • Student mission trips
  • Foreign language class trips
  • Band/choir concert tours
  • Student versions of any of our tours
  • Senior class trips

Missionary Travel

  • Group & Individual missionary airfare all over the world
  • Ground transportation (rental cars, vans, & chartered buses)
  • Economical lodging

Church Corporate Travel

We can handle all of the arrangements for your pastors & ministry workers when they need to travel as well as bringing outside speakers and special guests in to your facility.

What about the price?

So many people’s first question is “what’s the cost?” But that is not the right question. Rest assured, we will give you an extremely competitive price point (which may be significantly less than what you have been paying in the past), but we will give you excellent value also. There is so much more than just the cost to enjoying your tour. You will not be offered a lower number for just one year to ‘hook you’, our prices are consistently competitive year after year and you will be treated with respect.

We also collaborate with churches to design affordable trips for their congregants. We will help you find ways to deliver your tours with cost-cutting measures without compromising the integrity or quality of the tour.

Group Coordinator (GCs)

Are you saying “this all sounds terrific, but how do I get started? What do I do now?” We understand that the process can be overwhelming, and that the first steps are usually the most difficult, that’s why we provide you with a professional that is only a phone call (or text/email) away. Group Coordinators (GCs) are dedicated to assisting you. Your GC will work closely with you to understand what your specific needs are and to walk you through every step of the process.

“Are you hearing me?” Your GC will listen to what you are saying. You have specific needs/desires. This is your trip of a lifetime, not ours. We will customize YOUR itinerary that fits your needs. You get Mayfair Travel’s expertise and years of experience.

Your time is very valuable to you, and we understand that you don’t have time for something else on your plate. We will work with you develop a strategy and then ‘get the ball rolling’ so that you are free to do ministry. So you don’t need to ask, “do I really have time to add SOMETHING ELSE to my plate?” The GC is your expert. GCs remove roadblocks and hassles to alleviate stress.

Entrusting Mayfair Travel to…. Your GC is so much more than just an agent. They are experts in their fields, been there don that, with a network of experts that can handle the unexpected. They love the Lord, His land, and His people. They will:

  • Plan the itinerary with you
  • Provide a flier
  • Provide a dedicated webpage
  • Make all reservations
  • Handle all special requests from your people
  • Conduct on site promotional and informational meetings within 3 hour of our physical office address OR Conduct virtual meetings (depending on your capabilities)
  • Collect all funds
  • On line registration
  • Coordinate between pastors if multi-church trip
  • Pastor familiarization tours available


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